Thursday, April 21, 2011

Runs taken thus far.

So far...
Tammi- 3, 9
Crystal- 1, 7

Let me know what legs you would like so you can start training for it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Introducing THE 6....!!(Drum roll please)

First, he's mean, he's tough, and he’s the elderly in our team...Jerry Womack!
She's anal, she's fun loving (leilani made me say it), and she is somewhat crazy... Tammi Miller
He's a white Hispanic, he holds his pistol sideways (and his hat), and if there is a drive by during the race he is the suspect... Scott Larrabee
The big breasted, the big chested, Mother Teresa sister of mine... Crystal Larrabee
He is a small town hick, his large feet will leave a mark, known as the Crazy Swasey... Colman Swasey
If you look up sarcastic in the dictionary you will be sure to see your timid Captains... Justin  Zufelt

I am so stoked about this team; we are going to have a great time! The dynamics of this team is truly awesome!

Make sure you hit the trails, roads, and HILLS over the next month and let’s be ready for a grueling... I mean great time!

 P.S. Tammi has already called legs 3 and 9, you may want to look at the map and let me know what legs you want.