Monday, July 26, 2010

Fit and Fat Feast!!!

Date:  Mon. Aug. 9
Time: 6:30
Place: Sami's House 537 W 2075 N
Bring your own Meat and a Side to share and Bring your Family!!

Breakdown Take 2

SNOW VAN  (This is also known as the couples van.... Sorry Norman, I'm married!)   :-)

1.  3 mi Easy
17. 5 mi Med
29. 4.9 mi Med

2. 4.2 mi Hard
14. 4.9 mi Easy
26. 6 mi Med

3. 7 mi Med
16. 5.8 mi Hard
27. 4.9 mi Kinda Easy

4. 7 mi Med
15. 4.4 miles Med.
28. 5 miles Easy

5. 5.9 mi Med
13. 3.7 mi Very Easy
25. 3.1 mi Kinda Easy

6. 5.8 mi Med.
18. 5.5 mi Kinda Easy
30. 2.1 mi Easy  (ie Shortest Leg of the ENTIRE race!)  :-)

SUN VAN  (ie. The Party Van!!!)

7. 5.7 mi Very Hard
19. 8.3 mi Hard
32. 6.7 mi Med

8. 4.5 mi Hard
21. 4 mi Hard
31. 5.2 mi Semi Hard

9. 2.9 mi Med
20. 3.2 mi Easy
33. 5.1 mi Med

10. 6.5 mi Med
22. 5.1 mi Med
35. 6.5 mi Med

11. 6.5 mi Med
23. 4.5 mi Easy
34. 5.5 mi Med

12. 5.4 mi Easy
24. 6.9 mi Med
36. 7.5 mi Hard

Sunday, July 18, 2010



Have Not:
Everyone else, Get it done!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you haven't noticed

If you have not noticed we had 13 names on our list of runners. We were keeping 13 for an "ow crap" situation if someone could not run. Well we had an ow crap situation and Shannette had a family matter arise so she can not run. So now we are back to 12 people so lets try and keep it that way!

Just a reminder that if you have not registered to run with our team at they you need to get it done!


Hey all, I just got an email from RRR and to say the very least a LOT has changed. Due to permits, road construction, and safety the route has changed! For example the second runner will be running "The Diablo" and the run actually goes down through Cedar City. In fact the second van exchange will be at the SUU PE building. After looking at it I think most of the changes are to our benefit ie van exchange @ SUU giving us time to use the showers, restaurants, and beds! The bad part is we spent all that time picking our runs and now we have been placed on Shuffle and who knows what we are running.

I was advised in the emial that all the changes would be posted next week. So you can either wait and see it posted next week or shoot me an email or call me and I can send you a copy of the changes if you are worried about it.

One thing is for sure, with the changes we need to get together and have a chat about it all. I am thinking BBQ and I know many of you are as well. So look at your calenders and expect a call or visit to get this thing scheduled!

Happy Running!

Friday, July 9, 2010

El Capitaino!!! Justin (a man of many costumes) Zufelt

Here is our Head Honcho well..... in a poncho!!!

Did you know that Justin is REALLY a police officer???? I know, right?!?! When I first met him I thought he was just overly anxious for Halloween, but NOPE!! this 12 year old lookin', spike haired, doll face patrols the mean streets of Cedar City!!! I know I feel Safer!!!!! (Sarcasm)
And here's our fearless leader "running!!" Wow he is such an example to me!! :-)

All kidding aside we certainly couldn't find a better man for the job of captain. He tries to act tough, but when it comes down to it there isn't a thing he wouldn't do for us (with the permission of his wife, of course ;) He's a devoted, LOVING dad to 3 sweet kiddos and a PATIENT husband to one cute girl!! I am so grateful to call Justin my teammate and FRIEND. Love ya' Justin!!