Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to 11

Well we are back to 11 runners so start asking your friends, family, and associates if they would like to participate in the run with you/us. We are planning a meeting at Mr. Womacks house this Sunday and you should be getting a text soon with the time and address. I hope all of you can make it and I look forward to see you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jerry Womack - Co Captain

Meet Co Captain Jerry Womack! Jerry started in the running scene several yrs ago, and hasn't stoped since. Although he just may be the "elderly" (wink, wink) he just might kick all our trash! He has run several half marathons, and last year participated in the Zion Canyon Run. Jerry and his wife Tracy have six kids. Apparently he has been the only male in a household of five girls (since his son left home) and has managed to keep his sanity! He has been a police officer for 18 yrs. Surely he has seen it all. His son Dane says he is a "Boob, " but that his family admires his sensitivity!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What happens now?

Well, now that we have our two groups we need to arrange a time to meet together and figure out logistics. Now this can happen as a group of 12 or we can meet in our groups of six. I feel that it is going to be hard to just get a group of six together let alone a group of 12 so I vote that we meet as our groups of six. This will allow the meeting to be much shorter and just make it easier all around. I am in the process of getting a co-captain which will be in Van 2. Either me or that person will be getting ahold of you to arrange the meeting.

Quick Tidbits!
1- If this is your first time on the website please go back and read the last few posts to get caught up!

2- Make sure to register for the team (read prior posts to figure it out)

3- If you have any questions please get a hold of me and ask

4- For most of us this is our first time and I promise that this will all be put together soon. Just breathe and everything will be ok!

5- Leilani doesn't agree with Justin's opinion about meeting with just six. If you differ from Justin's opinion don't be afraid to speak up! Leilani thinks it would be fun to get all of us together, meet and get a feel for the whole thing!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Team Roster

Van One
Dix 1
Dix 2

Van Two

What do you think of the teams?
(Sorry Dix 1 and Dix 2 still do not know your names, will figure that out soon!)

In the know

Wanna know who you are running with? Thought so. We are going to highlight every member of our team over the next little while, take a pic, and maybe embarrass you!

Tammi Miller

Our first team member to join is non other than Tammi Miller. Tammi is proud alumni of the St. George Marathon, Zion's run from last year, and possibly more(need to double check). Tammi is best noted for her fun loving personality, optimism and anal tendancies! She is the wife of Carter, a coach and teacher here in Cedar at Canyon View High. Tammi herself is a certified teacher! She has three boys, and her youngest is now a Kindergartner(making her officially old)! Tammi has been training faithfully for this run, and is super excited. As a great team player Tammi has offered to take the hardest runs - Go Tammi. Oh and she flipped Justin off in primary (while in the very front of the kids) and didn't get caught...what a talent! Did I mention she is the Primary President!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We have our 12!

We are now a team of twelve welcome everyone! I hope you are feeling good and have started the process of getting ready for the run. Just to let you know here are the next four steps we need to take in the next couple weeks

One- We have to split the team in half so let me know who you would like to run with and I will try to accommodate your requests the best I can! So let me know asap who you would like to run with and any suggestions on the split.

Two- Each of you need to go to the Red Rock Relay website and register yourself for the run. Just make sure you choose our team The fit fat and elderly. Let me know if you have any questions. Go to and click on register, then select 12 team member, then register.

Three- We need a co-captain (someone in the opposite van as I) so if you would like to do it or you would like to nominate someone else let me know!

Four- Just to get you thinking we need two vehicles (one per team) to use for th run. So when we get in our teams of six let your team know if you think your vehicle can haul a lot of people, have enough space to sprawl out, and has enough cargo room for all the bags and gear.

If you have any questions either leave a comment or get a hold of me! Talk to you all real soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I hope you are excited!

Hey all! Whether you are already on the team, prospective runner or supporting your runner in the team I welcome you to this great experience. For those of you who have already participated in a run like this then I am sure you already know how fun this type of adventure is going to be. But for those of you that this will be your first time get ready to be tired, worn out, sore, and most of all be ready to have a great time and meet some new people.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome RRR Runners

Welcome to our Red Rock Relay blog! This is where el capitano Justin will post all info for our upcoming run. Check back often for updates and info to get you siked and ready to beat those Twisted Blisters, and Chubby Bunny teams...